planning for the "sendai mediatheque" began in 1994. at the beginning, plans called for a multifunctional facility comprised of a library, gallery, visual media center that also contained services to aid the sight-and hearing-impaired.
subsequently, plans changed so that instead of simply being a "mixed-use" facility, it was intended to encompass a larger sphere of functions that would allow the facility to operate as a unified "mediatheque" with common goals to respond to a continuously changing information environment and users' diverse needs.
the "sendai mediatheque will gather, preserve, exhibit, and present various forms of media without being bound to form or type. this public facility for the 21st century will, through its various functions and services, be able to support the cultural and educational activities of its users.

  • center for remembering 3.11

    sendai mediatheque opened "center for remembering 3.11" on May 3, 2011 to encourage us all think together about the enormous impact of the Great East Japan Earthquake and to help us set out the long road to recovery.

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days we will be closed this month

apr, 2014

sendai mediatheque
sendai shimin library
7th, 14th, 21st, 24th, 28th, 30th

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