one of the missions of sendai mediatheque is to attain freedom from all barriers. we offer a wide range of services and events and provide all necessary facilities for the visually or hearing impaired to enjoy their time here at sendai mediatheque.

services for the visually impaired

to help those with poor eyesight obtain various information, we offer the following services mainly at the inquiries counter for the sight- and hearing- impaired.

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services for the hearing impaired

at the multimedia library on the 2nd floor, we lend out videos with subtitles for the hearing impaired.

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information on facilities, equipment, and appliances

in the building, we have various appliances and equipment to help the visually or hearing impaired and others who are physically challenged.

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other facilities and services available

books, videos, and cds are available from the municipal library, audio/video library, educational material library, and art and culture library.

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