sendai mediatheque

past events

december, 2004


library theater - movies for families

"tomodachi kuru kana"(13 min.) "mickey and his friends"(10 min.) "jigoku no sohbei"(17 min.) "hasire tankoro hikkari no nakae"(49 min.) 16mm films will be shown from our collections.
dec. 11 sat. 14:00(opening 13:45)
7f cinema
admission is free. screening arrangements: 180 seats"

independent film theater

the executive committee, made up of groups, will conduct four-walling in sendai and the university film study groups will set up and run the independent film show in co with sendai mediatheque. this event will be held 10 times per year.
dec. 12 sun. 13:00-
7f cinema


photography seminar - "tomoko sawada, history and future"

lecture and talk show by the photographer tomoko sawada
(supervising editor : kotaro iizawa, photography critic)
dec. 5 sun. 14:00-16:30
1f open square
admission is free
maximum:150 people"


smt open café - "get along with design"

we think about the meaning of design through exchanges with various designers. lectures are also held by the foremost experts on graphics, architecture and lighting.
dec. 17 fri. - 22 wed. 10:00-20:30(last day-16:00)
1f open square
admission is free(please order food if you use the tables)

smt night tour

night scenery of smt is illuminated by lighting equipments which usage is appropriate for each floor and function.
dec. 18 sat. 17:00-18:00
maximum 10 people.register by postcard, fax or e-mail at least 3 days in advance. please include your name, address and phone number.

smt open café - "illuminated square"

sendai mediatheque holds various one-off events during sendai pageant of starlight as a seasonal winter event.
dec. 23 thu. - 26 sun.
1f open square
admission is free(please order food if you use the tables)

library event

story teller park storytelling for a picture book, a paper play house etc.

dec 11 sat.
(1)14:00 targets : preschoolers
(2)14:50 targets : elementary school children
2f meeting room
admission is to 20 people on first come first served basis.

musical soiree / at the night of sendai pageant of starlight(provisional title)

the event takes place in the library at night around the same time as sendai pageant of starlight. you can enjoy the sound of beautiful music with sendai pageant of starlight in the background.
dec. 18 sat. 18:50-20:20
3f library
admission is free.maximum 40 people, please register in advance from dec. 7 by double postal card to sendai shimin library. tickets are on first come first served basis. when applying, please include event title, your name, address and phone number.


submission for public director's work (tv programming workshop)

at the close of the "tv programming workshop", which was conducted from 2003, there will be an open review at khb higashi nippon broadcasting. this includes entries from the public and selected works will be shown in an actual khb program.
open review: feb. 26 sat. khb higashi nippon broadcasting.
deadline for submission: jan.31 mon.
there is no particular theme so please feel free to report on your interests or events.
application requirements are available at mediatheaque, sendai city hall 1f public room, ward office window, civic centre, and the lifelong study department. mail the application form, with shipping prepaid, to mediatheaque. application requirements are available at