sendai mediatheque

past events

march, 2006


cinema bazaar vol.3 "cinema de musica"

a film showing initiated by participants in the workshop and organizing a film festival.
glenn gould off the record / on the record(58 min. / canada / 1959)
mar. 5 sun.
11:00 -, 13:00 -, 15:00 -
7f cinema
1 program : 1000 yen

independent film theater - march

the executive committee, made up of groups, will conduct four - walling in sendai and the university film study groups will set up and run the independent film show in co with mediatheque. this event will be held 10 times per a year.
mar. 26 sun.
13:00 -
7f cinema


typographic printing workshop (sign language is available)

participants make handmade cards with a printing press in the smt basement.
mar. 4 sat. - 5 sun.
10:00 - 17:00
b1f preparation room
maximum : 6 people.
booking in advance is required for the workshop but not for just viewing. a sign language interpreter is available.please apply to mediatheque by feb. 20 mon. (due nlt).


architectural and urban design graduation championship series - sendai design league

graduation designs collected from all parts of the country by students who wish to work in architectural or urban design.
mar. 12 sun. - 16 thurs.
jury and announcement of results
mar. 12 sun.
10:00 - 19:00
6f gallery 4200

announcement : temporary closing of art library

the art library will be closed for book organization. we apologize for any inconvenience.
mar. 13 mon. - 17 fri.
7f art library


story teller park

storytelling for a picture book, a paper play house etc.
mar. 11 sat., 18 sat.
14:00 -
2f meeting room
admission is free
limited to 20 people on a first come first served basis.

information on an application will be only used to communicate relevant events.