sendai mediatheque

past events

january, 2008


smt monthly screening series for january

films from atg (art theatre guild) will be screened. atg is the organization that produced independent films, art films, and important directors in the japanese film scene from the 1960s to 90s.
jan. 26 sat.-27 sun.
7f cinema
advance tickets: 5 programs are 3500 yen.
day ticket: 1 program adults: 1,000 yen, students: 800 yen
childcare can be made available during the show, but pre-registration is required.


workshop for putting your feelings into shapes

why not express your feelings by senses other than sight? let's recall our memories through tactile expression. participants can express their feelings through shaping clay by hand. anyone from children to adults and whether hearing impaired or not can enjoy this workshop.
feb. 9 sat.
7f meeting room ab
admission is free.
maximum: 20 people
please apply to mediatheque by no later than jan 25, following the application procedure. include details on the presence or the absence of disability and level of disability if present.

smt guided tour, "playing hide and seek"

let's explore smt while playing hide and seek with the volunteers. we will be looking for some interesting targets.
jan. 27 sun.
target : elementary school students
maximum : 6 people
admission is free. pre-registration is required. english and sign language interpreters will be available.


storyteller park

storytelling for a picture book, a paper play house etc.
1)jan. 19 sat.
2)jan. 23 wed.
3)jan. 23 wed.
2f meeting room
(1)children under 12 year old
(2)2-3 year old children and their guardians
(3)0-1 year old children and their guardians
limited to 20 people on a first come first served basis.

sendai shimin library and mediatheque festival

commemorating the 45th anniversary of sendai shimin library, we will present a world barrier-free picture book exhibition and events such as story telling, picture-card show, and so on.
jan. 26 sat. 10:00-15:00
1f open square
admission is free

<related event>
world barrier-free picture book exhibition
jan. 20 sun.- 26 sat. (sendai shimin library will be closed on jan. 21 mon.)
3f library

information on an application will be only used to communicate relevant events.