it features the works the stan brakhage, an experimental film maker, who has created his own world with such works as painting directly on to a film. also we provide works of contemporary image artists, live performances, workshops etc.



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13:00 15:00 17:00 19:00
feb. 27th, fri - 1 2 -
feb. 28th, sat. 3 4 - 5
feb. 29th, sun. 4 c 6 7
mar. 1st, mon. - - 8 9
mar. 2nd, tue. - - 10 11
mar. 3rd, wed. - - 12 13
mar. 4th, thu. - - 14 15

ticket: same day ticket only
1 program ticket 500 yen
5 programs ticket 2,000 yen

Please note:
cinema opens 15 minutes before each program.
all customers must leave the cinema following each program.
same day ticket is sold at the counter of cinema at 7th floor.
all seats are non-reserved. no standing tickets are available.
we apologise in advance if the program and the schedule are subject to change without notice.

related event

A:live performance"visual music for the silent film maker"
feb. 27th, fri. 19:00-20:30
venue: 1st floor, opensquare

B:workshop"making a hand painted film"
feb. 28th, sat. 15:00-18:00
venue: 7th floor, studio d

C:tribute works"respnd dance film"
feb. 29th, sun. 15:00-16:30
venue: 7th floor, cinema

D:exhibition "brakhage works"
venue: 7th floor

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