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Concept and Services

sendai mediatheque is a public institution that provides a base for a variety of cultural activities, mainly related to art and moving images. At the same time, it constitutes a space that, through diverse media, facilitates exchanges and utilizations of information.

Photo by Naoya Hatakeyama


sendai mediatheque flexibly provides the most up-to-date, cutting-edge cultural resources.

Maximizing the potential of its networks, sendai mediatheque aims to serve as a node, and not a terminal.

sendai mediatheque is free from every kind of barrier, whether between people with and without impairments, or between users and staff, or between languages or cultures.


Spaces for expression and exhibition

Spacious and flexibly organized facilities, such as galleries and a cinema, enable presentation and appreciation of artworks and video works.

Spaces and opportunities for activities and workshops

Well-equipped studios and seminar rooms accommodate a variety of activities and workshops, including lifelong learning, dissemination of information, volunteer activities for people with impairments, as well as video production and workshops on digital media.

In-depth, up-to-date cultural resources

sendai mediatheque offers rich and accessible resources, in a wide range of facilities, including the Sendai Shimin Library, a Library for Audio-Visual Material, a Library for People with Vision and Hearing Impairments, and a Library for Educational Audio-Visual Material.

An environment in which anybody can collect, accumulate, edit and disseminate information


Exhibitions, screenings and workshops related to art, moving images and media

Education, training, promotion and volunteer activities that aim to enable all people, including those with and without impairments, to access and utilize media

Collaborative collection of information and development of digital archives

Development of collaborative projects with other libraries and institutions