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Universal Access

One of the missions of sendai mediatheque is to make everything accessible for everyone, including people with impairments or other special needs. A wide range of services, resources and events are offered, with facilities that enable everybody—with or without impairments—to enjoy them to the fullest.

Services and facilities for people with vision impairments

The following services are offered mainly through the Inquiry Desk for People with Vision or Hearing Impairments.

Audio books (cassette tapes, DAISY)

Materials can be watched in the Library for Audio-Visual Material, borrowed, or mailed directly upon request.

Books read aloud

Volunteers will read aloud any book, whether from a public library or the user’s own collection.

Conversion to braille, transliteration, data conversion

Conversion to braille and/or audio is available for any book, from users’ manuals for home appliances to magazines.

Devices that assist reading

Magnifying readers, a voice reader, PCs specifically designed for people with vision impairments, tape recorders and Digital Accessible Information System (DAISY) players are available.

Inter-library loans

Braille books and audio books can be obtained from institutions across Japan.

Braille blocks

Textured floor panels are provided to guide people with vision impairments.

Voice guidance system

There is a transmitted voice guidance system. Access can be obtained at the 1st-floor Information Counter, as well as at the Inquiry Desk for People with Vision and Hearing Impairments, and at the 1st- and 2nd-floor washrooms.

Floor maps are provided as three-dimensional models on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 7th floors.

Services and facilities for people with hearing impairments

The following services are offered mainly through the Inquiry Desk for People with Vision and Hearing Impairments.

Closed-captioned videos

Closed-captioned videos are available on loan at the Library for Audio-Visual Material on the 2nd floor.

Hearing loop

The cinema on the 7th floor is equipped with a hearing loop system, which enhances clarity.

Infrared hearing aid system

An infrared system, connected to a regular hearing aid, allows one to hear more loudly and clearly.

Flash lamps

In the event of an emergency, flash lamps will blink to show the way to an emergency exit.

Multi-functional toilets

sendai mediatheque is equipped with toilets that are designed to meet a variety of needs.

Assistance for people with physical impairments

The following are offered free of charge for use within sendai mediatheque.


There are up to three wheelchairs available at the Information Counter on the 1st floor.

Mobile phones

Mobile phones are available at the Information Counter on the 1st floor, for those who may need to call staff when assistance is needed.

Other services and facilities for universal access

Baby care room

A room fitted with beds, where parents can comfortably nurse babies.

Resting room

A room where people with physical impairments, elderly people, and those who are not feeling well, may rest.

Parking lot accessibility

The paid parking lot on the basement floor is designed to provide easier access to the elevator for people with impairments and special needs.