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How to Register

smt multimedia library

videos, music CDs and , DVDs are available from the multimedia library on the 2nd floor of sendai mediatheque.

How to use the materials

materials can be used with a Library Card.

Applying for a Library Card

Those who live in or commute to Sendai, or alternatively reside in the following 13 municipalities are eligible to obtain a library card.
(Shiogama City, Natori City, Tagajo City, Iwanuma City, Watari Town, Yamamoto Town, Matsushima Town,Shichigahama Town, Rifu Town, Taiwa Town, Osato Town, Tomiya Town, and Ohira Village)

  • Fill out the application form and present a document that proves your residence (such as residence card, health insurance certificate, public utility bills and receipts).
    If you do not reside in Sendai or the above-mentioned 13 municipalities, you will also have to present a document that proves you commute to Sendai (such as an employee ID card or student ID card).
  • The library card can be used at any Sendai City Library and the multimedia library in sendai mediatheque.
  • You will be held responsible for your library card. Please notify us of any changes to your address or phonenumber
  • The library card is valid for three years. We will check your registered information when you renew your card.