In this project, artists from Australia and Japan discover and express local cultural creativity in response to the question of its meaning in the wave of globalization using Sendai, a local city, as a setting. When a local city looks at a local culture, there is a tendency to define it in an essentialist manner as something pure and universal, making a clear distinction from globalism, or interpret it dramatically as a romantic concept in contrast to globalism. Today we live in a world of the Internet, a global information network. In dealing with the media technology that enables high-speed transfer of massive amounts ofinformation, aren’t we asked to comprehend the global and the local as co-existing in our daily lives? By doing so, the issue of global vs. local actually comes closer to us in a realistic sense. This project has been launched to commemorate the 2006 Australia-Japan Year of Exchange. Artists from both countries were invited to take part in a two-week residency in Sendai, interacted with local people and worked on information gathering activities for their artworks. Artists participating in this project have been producing and showing artworks around the globe that are made specifically for a site and taking into account the local environment. Each use a variety of media including video, photography, sound and other interactive screen-based media. They had no special ties with Sendai previously and now each artist is realizing their interactions with Sendai in his and her own unique way.