guided tour 2005
smt guided tour 2005
"smt guided tour" is the project that the guide volunteer introduces how to use the facility from the view point of a general user and architectural features of the building. why don't you join us?

[menus of guided tour. let's try them!]

tour schedule
july.23 sat.14:00-15:30
smt experience tour
aug.6 sat.14:00-15:30
children's tour "playing hide and seek"
aug.20 sat.14:00-15:30
children's tour "preparing a school project"
sep.10 sat.14:00-15:30
theater tour
oct.22 sat.14:00-15:30
smt experience tour
nov.19 sat.14:00-15:30
smt experience tour
dec.23 fri.17:00-18:30
night tour
how to apply

smt guide volunteer
smt guide volunteer
the web page of guided tour is supported by smt guide volunteer
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